Jacques and the Guys

My plan seems to be working. The number of visits has jumped significantly with most of the visits due to a google search for "dead cat". entertherad.com is now your #1 source for dead cat pics. Perhaps we've stumbled upon an international conspiracy involving this picture of a dead cat. Anyway here's some pics from our first few days of shooting in the "Scratchy Cat Lounge"

Matt gives donnie noogies

Matt dishes out a healthy serving of corporal punishment to a lazy and unmotivated crew member. He'll never grow hair there again.

Jaques and The Guys

Jacques and The Guys

Movie making at it's best!

"How's this shot look?"... Terrible.

This is a movie set.

The set.

They are now friends.

Jacques and Gus


Having exhausted our entire budget, Kurt and Matt are forced to pretend they have baseball equipment.

I'll put up a few more pics from the rest of the shoot soon...