Jacques and the Guys pt. 3

While my beans burn on the stove less than 15 feet away, I continue to work hard so I can bring you this exciting images from the front lines of our latest project: Lounge Lizards. Pool party. Matt comforts Suren while I callously head bang at him, having just put him and Donny away in a match of good ol' billiards.

This photo was taken at 1/500,000 of a second as Matt whirls around this small driveway at a whopping 216 mph.

I call this picture: Our hero or... Hand job anyone?

Desperately searching for a sandwich, Matt accidentally lodges his giant head into this tripod case.

The eyes of a director.

Our Krummy actor. Here we conduct routine surveillance on our employees.

Arlen Cooke: Sound Recordist and Backwoods yahoo.

Job well done.

Another film done. Hopefully I can get some sort of trailer up as we sluggishly finish post on this film. Right now I don't even have a steady computer to use. Stay tuned for updates and more filmmaking fantasies.