Famous Oldie

Greetings non-existent followers, Today, I would like to inform you of a very big change. In the next few weeks, Comradical Productions will be no more. Matt and I have opted for a change in the way we do things here at Studio Modern. As we are not actually a production company and really just two dudes who point a camera at each other, we have decided to change our name to... Famous Oldie. I hope you like it. If you don't, feel free to make a complaint.

Tonight, we hold our semi-annual meeting in which we write down all our current goals and projects on already-used-butwastheonlythingaround-brightly-colored-construction paper. Shortly following the meeting we lose the paper and thus sight of our hopes and dreams until the next semi annual meeting.

In more news... Matt and I are planning our annual company picnic to beautiful Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. This year Matt's grandma won't be there so unfortunately we won't have anybody to smoke in the house for us. In fact nobody wants to come so looks like it'll just be me and matt.

Don't forget to bring scategories!

Also, here:

As for projects, we are currently planning on two more Edward Tabby episodes of Recycle 'n' Roll. Aside from that we are trying to start pre-production on the next full length Edward Tabby episode and I have another short script in the works. Lounge Lizards is on hold until I can get back to school and use the editing labs in September. bughh.