Great White North pt. 3

How could I have forgotten!? While roaming the rainy streets of Vancouver I met, the one and only Clint Eastwood. Here I pose with him. When asked if he was attending the festival, he remained silent. Such a stern and quiet yet powerful man I though at first. Upon trying to shake his hand, Squintin' Clint made no attempt to return the gesture. The nerve of this man, the rudeness. If I'd have known Clint Eastwood was such an asshole, I'd never have went up to him in the first place. But I made a decision that this cranky old grump wasn't going to ruin the image I had painted in my head of the outlaw, the enforcer, the space cowboy. I went and snapped a picture anyway, I thought surely I'd turn to greet a hefty right hook from ol' dirty harry himself but nothing, he just stood there and did nothing, so I spit on him. A coward too!