Sorry everyone...Ben and I decided that we have had enough and can't take it anymore!No one likes what we do and WE HAVE JUST HAD IT! THE MAIN AND ONLY REASON WE ARE QUITTING IS BECAUSE OF ONE GUY! his fucking name is dan janis or on youtube pointguarddan87.


this is why we quit....because people make stuff like that...

DAN STOP! JUST STOP! You enter ever god dam video contest on the web and honestly.....you have no chance in HELL! Im not saying we are better then you or anything because we do have a lot less views then you on youtube....and honestly thats why we are quitting because seriously...WHAT THE FUCK


Ben and I can't figure it the fuck out....We just don't understand...Most likely  it's his nonstop production of videos....


or maybe he's just funny and we aren't...pointguarddan has over 150 videos on his youtube most with close to 500 views...Our highest viewed video is around 290...300ish...we suck

Dans Twitter


oh yah and WE FUCKING QUIT!