Rec 'n' Roll pt.3

What's cookin'? Nethin. Me and Matt have resumed editing our short film, "Lounge Lizards". So expect to see it sometime within the next three years. Maybe... Aside from this, Edward Tabby is working on finishing his recycle 'n' roll series in pt.3. Hopefully we will shoot that within in the next three years as well.

Aside from that, I am currently working as A/V dude at SVA. My duties include, pushing carts, turning projectors on, and sitting in a closet and falling asleep. Also sometimes I like to forget when I have to work so that I have to take a train from long island at a quarter to six in the morning. This helps me with the falling asleep aspect of my job.

In other news, Skate Plus, or "Скэйт Плус Профессиональная Скейтбординг Команда" ,as we're known abroad, has recently acquired a new flow team member: Tim Dawg. (I don't know Tim's last name). Tim will become an amateur skater on the team once he completes an incredible stunt which will be designated by the one and only team manager, Dez Penski.

I was going to put up pictures but this dusty ass website won't allowed it.