Action Camp

Last weekend was a productive one for Famous Oldie. Our 2nd weekly action camp took place and yielded amazing results. Action camp is what we like to call our weekends, consisting mostly of skating and jamming.                                                             On saturday the Skate Plus crew took an excursion to the town of Setauket. This time with Dez and our newest flow member Tim. Above is a picture of my hand after reopening a previous wound following a slam coming off of a wall ride. Kurt destroyed a less than mighty 4 stair with the assistance of Mr. Normandin. All in all, good day. Possible video to come soon.

On the music front, Mr. Normanch, Tim, and I continued our journey of crafting fine rock 'n' roll tunes. Possible music to come on.

And in regards to filmmaking... This weekend we are scheduled to shoot the final episode of recycle 'n' roll with Mr. Edward Tabby. In this episode we follow Edward as he attempts to construct a wash tub bass. Aside from this, Matt and I have begun brain storming for a new series of ourselves as fledgling videographers for hire in the year 2014.