Recycle 'n' Roll pt.3 update

Well, for the masses interested in what projects we are currently working on, here it is: Monday we will be filming the rest of Ed Tabby's Recycle 'n' Roll pt. 3. Hopefully to be posted later in the week. This will be the last episode of that series. But, fear not, we have new ideas for ol' ET in the upcoming weeks. Also, there is a possibility that within the next few months we will actually get around to shooting a full length episode of A Perspective on Musicianship. Probably. What I mean to say is there is probably a possibility that we might shoot a few length episode within the next two months. No promises.

Что ещё?..

No Skate Plus news, uh...

We'll probably shoot another short "neighbor conflict piece" soon. By that I mean something like my frisbee:

Oh yea. Edward Tabby will be taking on Manhattan next weekend. Stay tuned for footage from this.

That is all.