We've decided to run away and join the circus.

We've been riding the unicycle nonstop, also juggling. Ben built stilts. I fucked my ankle up this past Friday, trying to juggle and unicycle. Trevor & Ben are en route to Psych Fest.....Good Luck boys...We'll see you on the other sideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Happy New Year

The new year is here and Ben and I are already hard at work. We are currently building a set for our Billy Joel tribute video. Shooting in one week!


No, We Can

The word "how" is stupid...anyone who asks it of you punch in the head. You've got your plan.



We've started work on Studio Modern! Pictures to come! It's all becoming a reality... thinking... ... ...

Thank Y'all

Thank you to everyone who came out to the showing! Ben, Trevor and I had a great time!!


Oh yeah and p.s.


Weekend Of Fun

This weekend we will be shooting pickups for woods baseball...Trevor is comin out...PaRTYyyy TIMEeee

20130817-121739.jpgHere Ben waits at the train station for Travis.

Lid Lifter

"You're speeding through the cans!""I like that...it's like a sparrows beak!" "Before there would be blood everywhere!"



We've got it simple, cause we've got a band... Ben and I are back in the city... come find us... If you find us and tap me on the shoulder I'll give you $7000...

(Hint: I have a Hutton Sasquatches shirt on)

Mystery Box

"You are bidding on a random item in my house the higher the bid the higher the value of the item if you want you can email me after what type of stuff you like." I like old women's shorts, Arizona Diamondbacks memorabilia, and snuff films. Will any of that come in myyyyyyyyyyy mystery box?