Hannah's Annual Brunch

It was Hannah's annual brunch get together and Raul had spent the entire year perfecting his frittata. Eggs, Potatoes, Cheese, Onions, Spinach, and his secret blend of herbs. Raul was assured time and again that nobody else would be making frittata. Being so, Raul was mortified when he found out that Dian Binzby had also made a frittata. 

An entire year's worth of tweaking an Emeril recipe he found online to his satisfaction. An entire year of eating frittata almost four times a week. All for nothing. But there was hope.

"Would anyone like to volunteer to bring out the dishes?" Hannah inquired.

Raul's hand shot up, he followed Hannah into the kitchen. Lying on the counter was Diane Binzby's shitty frittata and he would make sure nobody was going to eat it.  Before Hannah could instruct Raul on which dishes should go first, he had vanished from the kitchen with Diane Binzby's abomination in hand. Making straight for the bathroom, Raul locked himself inside and began to shovel the frittata into the toilet bowl. He had to move quickly or they would notice he was gone. After dumping a substantial portion of the dish into the bowl he tried to flush but the toilet was so jammed full of eggs and potatoes that it began to overflow. Raul quickly turned the water off, avoid a tsunami of eggs and toilet water.  Too far in to back out now, Raul dumped the remainder of the dish into the tank of the toilet. He quickly hid the glass pyrex tray under the sink and left the bathroom very quickly so that nobody would know it was him.

The End