Hold on to your hats!

HEY YALL! Come to da movie premiere MORE INFO BELOW! ALL are welcome...except for anyone who is involved with our lizard overlords*....

We would like to give a shout out to the wonderfully talented Sasha Taran for drawing this amazing poster art for us! Thank you Sasha, we love you. Check out her site, www.heysasha.com, it's beautiful! 

Also an update here, I am taking a break from posting audio plays once a day as I will be working on one 15 min. opus, if you will.  


ALSO thank you to everyone who has voted! We are down to 2! Pick your favorite for the new blog segment!

Tinfoil Crafts *
Change the tires, get hit. *

*I'll know if you are involved with them trust me I know. I've done my research.