Into the Lives of People Who Text #6- The schizophrenic who forgot.

If you go back far enough(September 14th 2011) in this blog you'll see we had begun a new blog segment entitled "Into the Lives of People Who Text". Here's a quote from that original post,

"Ok this is a new blog segment called, "Into the lives of people who text". This weekly segment will feature a new conversation between 2 different people every week! Imagine seeing some one on the, lets say, train....and this person is texting....Who are they talking to? What are they talking about? What's going on in these peoples lives?...lets find out..."

For unknown reasons we stopped 5 nuggets in. Well guess what! It's back and better then ever! ENJOY for Saturday is now INTO THE LIVES OF PEOPLE WHO TEXT DAY!  

In today's I.T.L.O.P.W.T. Gerry forgets......