Seventh Period

Lunch time was over and the bell had rung for seventh period; science class. Amanda and Lily filed into class, sitting down at two adjacent desks. Today's lesson in biology was on the digestion of ruminants. A ruminant is a mammal such as a yak, llama, goat, giraffe, sheep, or cow. Amanda and Lily had no interest in this matter and thought it was boring and it would never apply to real life. They proceeded to discuss a number of boys that they thought were attractive instead. Just as Mr. Punumple was preparing his demonstration on the role of cud in the digestive process of these animals, Lily cracked a joke about a boy's haircut, causing Amanda to giggle. About to bite into the square of sod which he had acquired for the demonstration, Mr.Punumple stopped abruptly at the sound of laughter. "Ms. McKindy" he screamed slightly embarrassed, "Perhaps YOU would like to demonstrate for us the role of cud in the digestive system of ruminants. "I'm sorry, I'll pay attention" she said, also somewhat embarrassed.
"Oh you bet you will! Because you know what!? You're going to get up here, you're going to eat this grass. Yea, you're going to eat this grass, and then you're going to throw it back up, and then you're going to chew it some more, and THEN you're going to eat it again. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO BUT BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT IS SO FUNNY, YOU FUCKIN'  DO IT!"  he replied in a rage that proved later to be detrimental to his career as a teacher. Amanda approached the front of the classroom and proceeded to have the worst day of her life.