Banana Daiquiri Women

The saloon had a frigid air that night. It seemed as though everyone knew what she done. The piano player, the bartender, Jerry the wino, they all seemed to know. The usual roar of laughter and merrymaking seemed to be replaced by whispers and hushed rumors. The piano resonated not music, but icy foreboding. It was as if everyone knew that any minute now, that Evangeline would could giggling through the doorway on the arm of Buster Mimson, the meanest dude in all of Cheyenne county and that the next minute Utah would come gunning for them.

Utah sipped his gin. An hour crawled by. He ordered a bottle. Another hour crawled by.  He sat there brooding. The courage he anticipated from the gin never came. "Fuck it" he said to himself and ordered a banana daiquiri. 

He sat there sipping the drink slowly enough so that he'd avoid brain freeze. He liked the little umbrellas that came with them. He twirled the umbrella in his fingers, thinking maybe he ought to just go home when a sweet young thing sat down next to him. They got to talking. Her name was Sue, an easterner, in town to see her sickly uncle.  He ordered her a banana daiquiri and they talked about golden retriever puppies, baked beans, and how best to maintain a well groomed lawn. He'd all about forgotten Evangeline when she came stumbling through the door on the arm of that filthy son of a whore.  

He reached for his .44 but stopped. Was vengeance worth the loss of sweet Sue, who loved banana daiquiri's as much as he did? 

Evangeline looked at Utah then whispered something in Buster's ear. He turned and yelled across the room. "How's your banana daiquiri you brush poppin', tip toeing', lily livered, hog washer?"

It stung but Utah took it and turned back to the bar and back to Sue. He thought of little fluffy golden haired puppy dogs licking his feet and ignored the offense.  He talked to Sue the rest of the night and then saw her home, wishing her goodnight with a kiss on the hand and promises of tomorrow.

Utah got home and couldn't sleep so he decided to go back to the saloon, wait in the shadows outside for Buster and Sue so he could shoot them down like the dirty dogs they really are.

Utah was captured and hung two months later when the posse caught up with him along the Rio Grande just northwest of Las Cruces.

The End